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at suntrust, we help you manage your money at home. and make it easy when you're away. and where ever you go, atm fees won't follow. and make it easy when you're get back to what really matters switch to suntrust checking today suntrust. live solid, bank solid. a dangerous rescue caught on
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camera during the rush-hour ride home. and from 140 days of ll to heaven, on american soil. >> we could feel your love all the way in north korea. it them how the journalists are recovering tonight. -- how the journalists are recovering tonight. and breaking news from capitol hill, big decisions reached tonight. we begin tonight with a dramatic rescue during the evening rush hour, minutes after a serious crash in southeast d.c. abc 7 news was there at the collision that left five people injured, one seriously. kris vanleave is at the scene
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with the very latest. >> if your drive home to keep her southeast washington, you know that the commute was very difficult because of this accident, closing this intersection. what you do not know or the surprising things that happened moments after the crash. even from a distance, it was clear this was a bad accident. that would happen next at the intersection of pennsylvania avenue and alabama in southeast is remarkable. witnesses and passerby it be, first responders, rushing to the smoldering cadillac, battling to get the track and injured inside it to safety away from the car. or read the car might explode? >> i was. >> this man rushed in with a fire extinguisher. he saw the accident and ran to the overturned suv. three people were inside and the driver needed help. >> she had a seat belt around
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her neck, strangling. it was a mess. her back was hurting too much to move her. >> he waited inside with her inside the mind of suv, trying to keep them call until firefighters arrived. when the police and fire got to the scene, they treated those that the good samaritans were able to free. it took 15 minutes to get everybody out of the vehicles. of five people went to the hospital. this woman was air lifted to medstar. what of the heroic actions in the moments after the crash? >> i just thank god i was here to help somebody. >> the police say they are investigating the crash, but several witnesses and police sources say it appears that the gold cadillac was speeding and may have run a red light, clipping the white suv.
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kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> unbelievable effort out there. we're following breaking stories tonight from capitol hill where senate leaders say they have reached a deal for an additional $2 billion and cash for clunkers program. harry reid said the vote ll take place tomorrow and come with potential changes to the house bill passed last week. it is not expected to interrupt the program. also tomorrow, the senate will vote on the confirmation of supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor. she's expected to be approved without not much fight. the republicans say they will joined the democrats in voting for sonia sotomayor. it shall become the high court's first hispanic justice if confirmed. a federal jury convicted william jefferson of bribery. the conviction stems from a fettle -- federal raid were agents found $90,000 in ch
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inside of his freezer. he was accused of accepting more than $400,000 in bribes and seeking millions more in exchange for brokering business deals. after the verdict, the justice department released this video of the money drop in arlington. he faces 20 years in prison. one of america's best known politicians of sure didn't two american -- brought back two a omecg. om president clintonrtcoedes euna leeau a lndra ling it back to california. jay korff has the reunion and the reaction. >> what an extraordinary 48 hours before laura ling and euna lee. thewent to the warm embrace of family. this gives us a glimpse into the
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lives of euna lee and laura ling, the american journalists finally free after months in prison in north korea. only one day prior, their fortunes swung like a pendulum. they went from facing 20 years of hard labor to coming face-to- face with former president bill clinton, who flew to p'yongyang to secure their release. >> we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> we're learning through their captivity, they were separated and were given meals with rice and rocks. about a little bit that she was able to recount about her experience has been challenging to hear. >> how does it feel to be home? >> it feels so good. >> the journalists were captured while on assignment. tonight, their network celebrated.
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>> we would like to share with you some of their tapes. >> as we continued our tort, the shadow of the military dictators seemed to be lightening. >> the work on stories that exposed an oppressive regimes, not unlike the one that took perilously close of taking away their freedom. it remains to be seen how this successful diplomatic rescue mission will impact frosty relations between the u.s. and north korea. sinnett? -- sinnett? >> we are on storm watch tonight after the evening. the storms are moving into the region. it meteorologist steve rudin has a first look at the forecast. cynne, the shows a ,tinly to the south a wnde n.ving in ourredi ctiodi it live doppler radar, showers to the south and west. the st amsre moving to theea st and will affect us overnight. not expecting anything severe,
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gloinok for heavier showers toward the early morning hours. otherwise, the cold front falls to the south and east. showers and storms, near 70 degrees. coming up, the extended outlook, and it shows a very hot weekend ahead. remembering four people killed when a helicopter crashed feet away from interstate 70 in washington county. family and friends honored the lives that were lost. john gonzalez attended the vigil and joins us with more on the service. >> while the investigation of the terrible helicopter accident continues, tonight there was a memorial service at the aviation school where three of the victims worked. tonight, the entire community came to say goodbye. in honor of the four victims,
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not the students took a posthumous ride at around the airport tonight. hundreds of family members, friends,nd students gathered to find closure. >> it will be with me the rest of my life every time i fly. >> these pictures were taken the night of the crash. here at advanced helicopter concepts it is where threof the victims worked. >> he was my heart and soul. he was a great father. >> this woman admits that her torn heart is far from healed. >> they say when time passes it will get better, but somehow i doubt that. >> they had been offering charity rides at a fund-raiser for pubinic use at the time of the crash. one volunteer won the chance to
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ride in a helicopter at the event. >> i cannot accept something like this would happen. >> this man said he came to say goodbye tonight. >> i hope that we see each other a lot in the future. >> the pilots say there is bad weather and a lot of traffic in the sky, it is perfectly normal for a pilot to fly low and followed the interstate. the ntsb investigation has confirmed the helicopter that night struck a steel guy wire above interstate 70. >> in addition to the service in frederick, family and friends held a vi thgitat ho kian d killeda inolbia heights. michael parker was shot and killed by an off-duty security officer in northwest. this family is calling for an investigation into the shooting. the police say it is under
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investigation. is not likely charges will be filed. coming up -- is smiley cyrus engaged -- is miley cyrus engaged? the disturbing diary of a downed man and what it reveals after gunfire at the gm. >> email reveal perhaps why marion barry hired his girlfriend for a city b.
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captioned by the national captioning institute a secret diary revead new details of a pittsburgh man who murdered three woman's it -- three women inside in l.a. fitness center. george sodini had written that he had not had a girlfriend in 19 years. tonight, one husband is giving thanks.
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>> is a miracle. i am just lucky. the whole thing was a tragedy. but we are worried for everybody else. >> sixem rn alitspsem rai em hospitalized, including an aerobics instructor. she is pregnant, but doctors said the baby will be just fine. tonight, marion barry and donna watts-brighthaupt'snk appears to have grown stronger. >> this is much more than a giant packet of email, it is a record o the ups and downs of the relationship that goes back to about august of 2008 and it may reveal why marion barry hired his ex-girlfriend. publicly, marion barry has said
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his former girlfriend donna watts-brighthaupt was well qualified to do consulting for the district. but these documents, 276 pagesol itinerary, shed light on the complicated personal and professional relationship. marion barry offers to help with money and a job, writing, "i told you today i thought i could work out a way for you to work 20, 25 hours per week, $5,000 per month. i would put my personal money into it if we cannot get a contract." that contract is the focus of the investigation. at one point, watts-brighthaupt writes back, i feel as if i am selling my soul to you for the taxpayers' dollar. you are driving me crazy with your logic. by february, 2009, the tone has changed drastically, complaining about deadlines.
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"i was greatly disturbed about a meeting on tuesday. this project is behind schedule." "keep your cellphone oitn , by, and answer from 9:00 a.m. until 5:0 p.m." but there are email criticisms about watts-brighthaupt outside consulting rights, spelt checking documents, countless misspellings in the documents. marion barry did not answer his door tonight, have been consistently denied any wrongdoing. one person said that it shows that he was treated just like any other of marion barry's employees. watts-brighthaupt was paid $15,000 before her contract with the city was terminated. richard reeve, abc 7 news. a los angeles judge postponed the sentencing for chris brown until the end of the
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month. it reached a plea deal that will require him to serve probation. he was charged with beating up his girlfriend earlier this year. the judge delayed the sentencing because she is waiting for authorities from virginia to agree to the terms. a georgia man faces charges after he told the police he is engaged with miley cyrus. he was arrested for stalking laws to shooting a movie in savannah, georgia. the man claimed he had met cyrus 18 months ago and since then he had sent her a diamond ring and she excepted the marriage proposal. he also claimed that miley was sending him secret messages through her tv show. how old is she? >> she is a teenager, she is a young girl. we're going to change
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directions and look for showers and thunderstorms overnight. they will stick around tomorrow. thursday, showers, thunderstorms. it is dry outside right now, but we're watching the stormtooff the west. they will approach the media metro area overnight. right now, front royal, lauray, that is where the showers are located. it will feel the effects of the next several hours and even through the day tomorrow. the weatherbug network, temperatures at wtop radio, upper northwest, 76 degrees. 74 vienna. frederick county, mt. airy, 72, daytime high of 81. dew point level is still high, the upper 60's, which is why it feels 60. it 90 degrees was the high at reagan national after a morning low of 73.
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mold in the moderate category tomorrow, grass and weeds in the low categoric, no problem there. at around 81 degrees reagan national, 77 hagerstown. it cooler off to the north, warmer off to the south. sunday, it will be uncomfortably hot as the cold front moves through. the high-pressure just off to the north and west will slide across. then we will really crank up the heat, 95 degrees sunday and monday. showers and thunderstorms tonight, not expecting anything severe. the temperature near 70 degrees. tomorrow morning, f hohers, otherwise mostly cloudy, in the 70's, the daytime high only in the low 80's. isolated thunderstorms. the extended outlook, the temperatures will warm up. it will be hot out there. mid-90s on sunday into monday,
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lower 90's tuesday and wednesday. enjoy tomorrow and friday. things are going to change rather quickly. if you do not like it hot and humid, stay inside. >> nothing you can do about it. stay with us, we will be right back. with her son off to college, liz turned to target for great deals. like a twenty dollar comforter for his bed. a fridge for healthy snacks a reading lamp to study by and a cell phone to call home. so liz chose target showing off her college smarts about savings target. expect more. pay less.
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they are not hollywood stars, but the first couple apparently dresses better than them. at vanity fair ranked the first couple no. 1 in the international best dressed list. but designers call mrs. obama cool but not over the top. new york mayor michael bloomberg and his companion also made the list. and i am nominating you, horace. >> thank you very much. redskins' training camp is starting to take its toll. the ranks are thinning out.
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player after player goes down with nagging injuries. sports is coming up.
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day 7 of redskins' training camp and the nagging injuries are starting to mount. head coach jim zorn says he's not worried, but he is
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frustrated. the redskins offense starting line missed practice today, three members, all sitting out because of injuries. >> we're not getting the repetitions that it takes to be cohesive. >> and a site that is far too familiar for comfort, two players were sidelined with hamstring injuries. >> he tried to be smart when you feel things coming on. >> they are nagging strains, so i'm not as concerned about the injuries as i am a lack of work that we get when we are injured like that. >> the redskins signed veteran d.j. hackett, who is familiar with jim zorn's offense. >> he has been trying to get on a team. some guys have not had that fortune to get on a team. now he has a chance.
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the washington nationals are on a roll, four games in a row. great game against the marlins tonight. cody ross swings, look at ryan zimmerman. the inning is over with that play. to the fourth, christian bluesman -- christian guzmna, that is going to be trouble. morgan makes it home, guzman all the way around for t tplrihee. ahedam dunn had a home run and e nationals: to win. the orioles-tigers, pla cido polanco and brandon inge score. the tigers win. the legg mason tennis
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classic, and the roddick -- andy roddick on the court. becker served a nice rally. that was a mistake. that was a mistake because this happened. roddick against the winner, winning in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2. at suntrust, we help you manage your money at home.
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and make it easy when you're away. at suntrust, we help you manage your money at home. and where ever you go, atm fees won't follow. at suntrust, we help you manage get back to what really matters switch to suntrust checking today
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suntrust. live solid, bank solid. a another day of mild temperatures? >> tomorrow not so bad, made the eighties. it will be beautiful on friday, upper 80's. saturday, near 90 degrees. look at that, 95 sunday and monday. lots of sunshine.
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if you can head to the beach, a good idea. ocean city, rehoth, temperature around 85 degrees. the water temperature will be around 75. in town, it will be hot. be prepared and stay cool. get your fan ready, you will need it. thank you for joining us. "9" is next. have a good night.
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